IT equipments and computers supply

Computers For Schools Burundi supplies all major brands of computers at cost-recovery basis-giving our clients exceptional value for money. This includes:

  • Desktop computers: new or refurbished.
  • Laptops: new or refurbished.
  • Servers.
  • Printers.
  • Network accessories.
  • Projectors.

The organization offer trainings in the following broad categories of ICT:

  • Microsoft office training
  • Computer Networking ;
  • Accounting Softwares;
  • Web Design and development;
  • Computer hardware maintenance ;
  • Short courses in programming ;
  • ICT integration in Education and learning institutions;
  • Information Technology for Institutional Management;
  • IT and Information management system, etc

Computer repair

The organization runs a comprehensive technical support for the computers we have deployed, through both preventive and curative interventions. Help is always available to our partner institutions and clients via telephone or e-mail contact.

Software development

The CFSB technical team is composed of talented programmers and software developers who are highly trained in customer satisfaction, the timely resolution of technical problems, and finding individual software solutions according to customer needs and requests. Innovation, quality, and digitalizing Burundian institutions are our top priorities. We provide individualized, high-quality software solutions to our customers together with intensive staff training on software use. We also offer technical support and maintenance services with negotiable, competitive pricing.


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    Computers For Schools Burundi, a non-profit organization, has been registered in the Republic of Burundi since March 15, 2012, RN: 530/386. The principal goal is to modernize the Burundi education system through universal ICT education in primary and secondary schools, thereby creating access and equity to digital knowledge for Burundian youth.


    Promoting and integrating the use of ICT and 21st Century skills into both primary and secondary school as the main engine of sustainable development in Burundi.

  • Mission

    The mission focuses on delivering quality ICT education to all Burundian school-age youth, thereby creating a solid foundation for the development of future innovation, industrialization, science, technology integration; eventually resulting in poverty reduction and allowing Burundi's citizens to participate in and join as global citizens in a global economy.

  • Goals

    • Modernizing the Burundi educational system by providing computers and computer education in all 18 provinces by 2025.
    • Generating a national network of 10 schools and teachers together with the five leading universities in Burundi and five international research centers by 2025.
    • Creating three countrywide digital entrepreneurship and innovation awards for students, with the first award to be given at Computers For Schools Burundi’s inaugural conference in 2022.
  • Management

    The board of CFSB is composed by the members coming from different Companies, NGO, and Government that present qualities of big respectability and morality to guarantee and to assure the credibility of our actions. The Organization is managed by the Executive Director, program director and other staff responsible for different aspects of its operations.

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Financial Director


Founder and Director

Jasmin Bey Cowin

Global Impact & Sustainability Analyst.
Assistant Professor and Practicum Coordinator TESOL and Bilingual Department Graduate School of Education Touro College Vice President, Chair-Elect 2021 NYS TESOL organization

Prof. Cowin's interests focus on Global Impact & Sustainability, international education trends, forward-looking curricula, programs, and processes holistically preparing today's students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Full-time faculty, Fulbright Scholar, Academic Advisor at SciTerra, Vice President, Chair-Elect 2021 NYS TESOL organization, past Fellow at the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) and EPFP at Teachers College/Columbia University, past Corporate Social Responsibility advisor at the Blockchain of Things, former Chief Marketing Officer at PeopleMovers. Complementing her impeccable educational background is her not-for-profit leadership through Rotary as the past Assistant Governor of Rotary for New York State, District 5, past President of the Rotary Club of New York and current Chair of the RCNY UN International Breakfast Meetings.


Programs Director

In a servant leadership culture we learn by choice or example that if we want to be great, we have to serve others respectfully.
― Vern Dosch, Wired Differently

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